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Parts can change without notice.
Please check the latest parts list on this web site before ordering.
Circled numbers on the parts in the schematic imply the order for disassembly and assembly, (for example, 1 to 27 is for disassembly and 27 to 1 is for reassembly).
Only qualified service technicians using Apollo authorized lubrication method should carry out equipment servicing.

Parts List


1st stage 1st stage a-101(127.9 KB) 1st stage a-102(155.7 KB) 1st stage a-102 after '94(172.3 KB) 1st stage a-105(220.6 KB) 1st stage a-107(240.2 KB) 1st stage a-108(163.7 KB) 1st stage a-110(236.3 KB) 1st stage a-110 Nrx(236.5 KB) 1st stage a-120(145.5 KB) 1st stage a-210(204.7 KB) 1st stage a-220(138.3 KB) 1st stage a-220 Nrx(75.5 KB) 1st stage a-230 Nrx(694.0 KB) 1st stage a-320 Nrx(211.4 KB) 1st stage a-320 DIN 5/8(615.9 KB) 1st stage a-320 DIN M26(143.4 KB)
2nd stage 2nd stage prestige standard(167.8 KB) 2nd stage prestige balance(172.7 KB) 2nd stage ex-2000(193.4 KB) 2nd stage ecodiver(141.8 KB) 2nd prestige oct2(166.5 KB) 2nd stage bio(182.0 KB) 2nd stage bio after '07(200.9 KB) 2nd stage bio after '10(261.8 KB)
Other breathing apparatus AUTOMATIC SAFETY LOCK COUPLER(275.4 KB) DIN ADAPTOR WITH CAP(171.7 KB) bio-tech H-101S(255.3 KB) YOKE ADAPTOR(216.2 KB) Check Valve(118.6 KB) bio-tech H-101D(316.1 KB) SWIVEL JOINT a-101(369.8 KB)
Clean Air System bio-filter after '04(186.5 KB) bio-micro(139.0 KB)
Gauges ag-7 head module / ag-7 Nrx head module(117.1 KB) bio-gauge Nrx head module(73.6 KB) ac-40 unit(59.0 KB) ag-21 depth module / gauge boots(71.8 KB)
B.C. Jackets TAS-BC(753.0 KB)
B.C.Safety valves,inflators Corrugated hose(142.6 KB) Corrugated hose for bio-lift, bio-control XD(95.7 KB) Power inflator Assy(61.2 KB) Power inflator Assy for bio-lift, bio-control XD(139.2 KB) Quick valve / Safety valve(71.9 KB) Quick valve / Safety valve for ecodiver(53.8 KB) Quick valve / Safety valve for apollo 2000(70.8 KB) Quick valve / Safety valve for bio-lift, bio-control XD(91.7 KB)
bio-tank lock bio-tank lock(322.8 KB) bio-tank lock 2(181.3 KB)
Masks bio-fullface mask(845.6 KB) Technical mount 2(150.5 KB) Technical mount (old model)(110.5 KB) bio fullface mask pro(274.0 KB) ecodiver mask / prestige mask(110.2 KB) bio-mask(111.6 KB) bio-metal mask(129.9 KB) bio-metal mask pro(132.0 KB) bio-metal mask duo(130.0 KB)
Snorkels prestige snorkel(166.8 KB) prestige dry snorkel(166.8 KB) ecodiver snorkel(311.2 KB) bio-snorkel(311.2 KB)
Fin straps Strap unit / bio-fin(148.5 KB)
Spring Straps Spring strap(90.0 KB)
Lights System light(61.0 KB) AL-1H / 2H / 3H(109.2 KB) pro light 2(107.8 KB)
Tank valves Single valve avs-K220(49.6 KB)
TAS blade bio-blade(109.4 KB)

Underwater vehicles

avx Single hand unit for avx before'16(186.0 KB) Single hand unit for avx after '17(230.1 KB) avx(1.1 MB)
av-1 av-1(1.1 MB)
av-2 Single hand unit av-2 After '17(158.2 KB) av-2Evolution (Serial No. after 202439)(3.7 MB) av-2Evolution (Serial No.201582~201787)(1.4 MB) av-2Evolution (Serial No.201197~201581)(1.7 MB) av-2Evolution (Serial No.200569~201196)(1.8 MB) av-2(Serial No.200568~200001)(1.8 MB) Single hand unit av-2(164.1 KB) av-2Evolution(Serial No.201788~202438)(3.6 MB) av-2Classic(1.8 MB) svx(1.1 MB) Scooter saddle(318.3 KB)


Dry suits
valves Inlet valve(62.6 KB) bio-dry inlet valve(323.0 KB) Super EX valve(91.3 KB) bio-dry EX valve(328.4 KB) Foot EX valve with lock(137.6 KB)

Commercial diving

Surface supply diving Harnes with air filter unit(415.6 KB)
CWS bio-pro CWS(1.2 MB)


Tool set Tool set / Adapters(495.8 KB)

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